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Honoluluairport.org provides you with all of the information you require regarding Hawaii's primary and busiest aviation gateway. Whether you need to check on the status of your own flight departure or want to know what time a friend or family member is due to arrive, you can find all of the information you need with a simple search. Not only that but we have also put together an abundance of information relating to Honolulu International Airport, the Airlines that make use of the airport as well as the surrounding area and the island of Hawaii.

What we do

The primary feature of honoluluairport.org is the ability to track the status of all flights departing and arriving to the airport in real time. This means that you are not simply provided with the scheduled time of arrival or departure but you are given live statistics detailing any delays, cancellations or other changes to the flight. Keep track of that important flight from wherever you may with the use of your laptop, mobile or another device connected to the Internet.

Another great use of the website is to familiarise yourself with the airport so that you know exactly what to expect upon arrival. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of Honolulu Airport including the layout of each of the terminals, parking, airport services, local hotels and ground transportation.  Parking is notoriously complicated in airports so take a look at our car park guide so that you know the most convenient places to leave your vehicle and how to navigate yourself around the airport. Shopping, food and beverages are all widely available in the airport so find out exactly what is available and where you can get it so you can plan the best way to spend your time in the airport in advance.

Other useful information that you can find when browsing through the website includes a list of the airlines that fly in and out of Honolulu International and the flight times to various destinations around the world. If you are just arriving in Hawaii for the first time then you could definitely benefit from reading through some of our blog posts. Here you can find tips and advice relating to your stay on Hawaii Island from the history of the island to some of the best tourists spots and hotels.

How you can benefit

  • Follow the real time status of your loved ones arrival times so that you can be there on time to pick them up
  • Learn in advance about delays so you can time your arrival at the airport for your convenience
  • Prepare for time at the airport by familiarising yourself with the layout and facilities in advance
  • Gain an understanding of the island before your arrival

Departing from HNL?

Plan on being at the airport two hours before international flight and one and a half hour before domestic flight.