Honolulu Airport Parking

Honolulu Airport Parking

Airport parking can be a nightmare, but the parking at Honolulu International Airport includes several terminals to make it easier to park closer to where you flights will come and/or go.


There are three main terminals: the overseas terminal, the inter-island terminal and the day commuter terminal.

The main terminal parking lot was the airport's first multi-level parking lot. Located across the roadway from the ticketing lobby and gates, access is via covered walkway and elevators.

The next to be completed was the inter-island parking lot. It was built as a part of the inter-island terminal expansion. Located above the inter-island gates and ticketing lobby, access is by elevator.

The newest addition is the international parking lot. Located nearest to the international arrivals area, this parking lot is connected to the main terminal building on the ground level and the inter-island terminal on the fifth floor. Access is by escalator via an underground tunnel, or via crosswalk and elevator. All other lots are uncovered and separate from the multi-story lots. These include the commuter terminal parking lot, the economy lot and the uncovered lot adjacent to the car rental lots.




Pricing for all public spaces in the airport is $15 for 24 hours with the exception of the economy lot being $12 for 24 hours, including the economy lot where there is a required minimum of 48 hours for uncovered parking that is located in the most inconvenient area next to the exit cashier booths. The economy lot offers self-service entrance and pay box exit system.


Parking lot security is very good. All areas are patrolled on a regular basis and car license plates are photographed as they leave.

Wait Times and Availability

If you are exiting during peak times, such as during the afternoon of following a long weekend, the lines at the cashier booths may be a bit long.

Other Airport Info

The open air overseas ticketing lobby is located on the upper level, while the baggage claim areas are on the ground level. The airport also has two meditation gardens, a series of lei stands and services that include several official visitor information booths, international currency exchange, airline lounges, shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, the airport does not have any baggage storage facilities. This was a post 9/11 directive and the storage facility on the first floor of the main parking lot has been closed.

Although the international parking lot was built in the hopes of alleviating sold out parking situation on long holiday weekends, this scenario still occurs on a regular basis. Travel to the outer island on holidays is a very popular activity. This makes parking spaces at the inter-island terminal and the adjacent international parking lot scarce. On especially busy weekends, the parking lots are known to sell out completely, so you should plan to arrive early or travel to the airport via taxi.

Departing from HNL?

Plan on being at the airport two hours before international flight and one and a half hour before domestic flight.