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Honolulu Airport Arrivals Today

05:55NC7001Northern-Air-Cargo Northern Air CargoLos AngelesEn Route - On Time
02:2502:54UA133United-Airlines United AirlinesMajuro AtollTerminal 2 - D1En Route - Delayed
05:2506:45KE7842Korean-Air Korean AirLas VegasTerminal 1En Route - Delayed
05:2506:45HA17Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLas VegasTerminal 1En Route - Delayed
05:2506:45B65817JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysLas VegasTerminal 1En Route - Delayed
05:5005:45JQ1Jetstar-Airways Jetstar AirwaysMelbourneTerminal 2En Route - On Time
06:38UA7871United-Airlines United AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:38HA104Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:38JL6603Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:47UA7829United-Airlines United AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:47HA107Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:47JL6650Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
06:55UA7831United-Airlines United AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Cancelled
06:55HA101Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Cancelled
06:55WN2045Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLihueTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
06:55JL6550Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Cancelled
07:019X629Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
07:05UA7862United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:05HA105Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:05WN2034Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
07:05JL6453Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:10WN2026Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesHiloTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
07:23UA7875United-Airlines United AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:23HA114Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:23JL6604Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:45UA7869United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:45HA115Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:45WN2053Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
07:45JL6452Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:48UA7866United-Airlines United AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:48KE7816Korean-Air Korean AirKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:48HA127Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:48AA7871American-Airlines American AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
07:48JL6651Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:009X854Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysLanai CityScheduled - On Time
08:0507:53HA822Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:0507:53JL6406Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:0507:53TK9146Turkish-Airlines Turkish AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:0507:53CI9552China-Airlines China AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:109X681Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysLanai CityScheduled - On Time
08:11UA7865United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:11HA125Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:11JL6451Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:119X707Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
08:159X998Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKalaupapaScheduled - On Time
08:20UA7830United-Airlines United AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:20KE7792Korean-Air Korean AirHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:20HA131Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:20JL6552Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:23KE7752Korean-Air Korean AirLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:23HA134Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:23JL6605Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:3008:08UA8010United-Airlines United AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:3008:08NH184All-Nippon-Airways All Nippon AirwaysTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:3508:31HA864Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:3508:31JL6410Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2En Route - On Time
08:49KE7822Korean-Air Korean AirKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:49HA137Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:49B65846JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:49JL6657Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
08:5509:00SQ7439Singapore-Airlines Singapore AirlinesHebronEn Route - Delayed
08:55WN2046Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLihueTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
08:55WN2054Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:10UA7860United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:10HA145Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:10JL6450Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:2009:26HA450Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesOsakaTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:20WN2035Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:2009:26JL6408Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesOsakaTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:2009:26CI9550China-Airlines China AirlinesOsakaTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:219X781Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
09:259X673Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysLanai CityScheduled - On Time
09:35HA5389Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:3509:36HA458Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:35WN2029Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesHiloTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:35JL74Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:3509:36JL6402Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:3509:36TK8328Turkish-Airlines Turkish AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - Delayed
09:35CX6300Cathay-Pacific-Airways Cathay Pacific AirwaysTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:35MH9788Malaysia-Airlines Malaysia AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:36KE6256Korean-Air Korean AirSan JoseTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
09:36AS837Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesSan JoseTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
09:36QF3692Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysSan JoseTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
09:36AA9274American-Airlines American AirlinesSan JoseTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
09:36FJ5835Fiji-Airways Fiji AirwaysSan JoseTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
09:40KE7894Korean-Air Korean AirOaklandTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:40HA47Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesOaklandTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:45HA828Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesFukuokaTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:45WN5999Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:45JL6414Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesFukuokaTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:45CI9548China-Airlines China AirlinesFukuokaTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:50UA7940United-Airlines United AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:5009:49AS5003Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesSydneyTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:5009:49QF103Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysSydneyTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:5009:49AA7370American-Airlines American AirlinesSydneyTerminal 2En Route - On Time
09:50NH182All-Nippon-Airways All Nippon AirwaysTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
09:52UA7817United-Airlines United AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52KE7796Korean-Air Korean AirHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52HA151Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52HA155Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52DL6864Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52JL6551Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:52JL6455Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55UA7827United-Airlines United AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55KE7754Korean-Air Korean AirLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55HA164Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55DL6812Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55AA7870American-Airlines American AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:55JL6609Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
09:559X205Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
10:00KE7852Korean-Air Korean AirLos AngelesTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:00HA1Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:00HA5400Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokonameTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:00B65801JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:00JL794Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokonameTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:00CX6314Cathay-Pacific-Airways Cathay Pacific AirwaysTokonameTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:08KE7818Korean-Air Korean AirKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:08HA167Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:08B65875JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:0810:15AS807Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E4Scheduled - Delayed
10:0810:15TN2382Air-Tahiti-Nui Air Tahiti NuiLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E4Scheduled - Delayed
10:0810:15SQ1331Singapore-Airlines Singapore AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E4Scheduled - Delayed
10:0810:15QF3648Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E4Scheduled - Delayed
10:08DL6846Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:08AA7901American-Airlines American AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:08JL6654Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:10SQ5732Singapore-Airlines Singapore AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:10OZ232Asiana-Airlines Asiana AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:10TG6733Thai-Airways-International Thai Airways InternationalSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:20UA7876United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:20UA7984United-Airlines United AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:20KE7706Korean-Air Korean AirKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:20HA165Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:20DL6854Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:20JL6456Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:20NH186All-Nippon-Airways All Nippon AirwaysTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:219X949Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
10:25HA5391Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:2510:29DL180Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTokyoTerminal 2 - C1Scheduled - Delayed
10:25JL72Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:25CX6324Cathay-Pacific-Airways Cathay Pacific AirwaysTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:25MH9786Malaysia-Airlines Malaysia AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:2510:29VN3012Vietnam-Airlines Vietnam AirlinesTokyoTerminal 2 - C1Scheduled - Delayed
10:339X501Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysLahainaScheduled - On Time
10:35KE53Korean-Air Korean AirSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:35HA6019Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:35WN2067Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesSan JoseTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:35DL7939Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:40KE7704Korean-Air Korean AirKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:40HA175Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:40DL6830Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:40JL6457Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:45WN5177Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLong BeachTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:459X663Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysLanai CityScheduled - On Time
10:46KE7798Korean-Air Korean AirHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:46HA161Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:46DL6802Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:46AA7899American-Airlines American AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:46JL6553Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesHiloTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:55KE7866Korean-Air Korean AirSeattleTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:55HA21Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesSeattleTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:55WN2042Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
10:59UA7826United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59KE7714Korean-Air Korean AirKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59HA185Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59B65871JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59DL6800Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59AA7919American-Airlines American AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
10:59JL6460Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00UA7820United-Airlines United AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00KE7760Korean-Air Korean AirLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:0010:52KE7895Korean-Air Korean AirSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:00KE7886Korean-Air Korean AirPhoenixTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00HA174Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:0010:52HA460Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:00HA35Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesPhoenixTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00B65853JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00DL6843Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00AA7929American-Airlines American AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:00JL6601Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesLihueTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:0010:52TK9148Turkish-Airlines Turkish AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:0010:52CI9554China-Airlines China AirlinesSeoulTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:019X953Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysKaunakakaiScheduled - On Time
11:02KE7413Korean-Air Korean AirLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:02VS1687Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:02DL480Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:02AZ3320ITA-Airways ITA AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:02AM4079Aeromexico AeromexicoLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:02MU8823China-Eastern-Airlines China Eastern AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2 - E8Scheduled - On Time
11:05WN2036Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKailua/KonaTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:06KE6250Korean-Air Korean AirPortlandTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
11:06AS889Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesPortlandTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
11:06QF3712Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysPortlandTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
11:06FJ5857Fiji-Airways Fiji AirwaysPortlandTerminal 2 - E2Scheduled - On Time
11:19UA7859United-Airlines United AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19KE7702Korean-Air Korean AirKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19HA195Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19B65868JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19DL7700Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19AA7891American-Airlines American AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:19JL6459Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesKahuluiTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:23QF3256Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:23BA4755British-Airways British AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:23AA31American-Airlines American AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:23EI7332Aer-Lingus Aer LingusLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:25KE7862Korean-Air Korean AirSan FranciscoTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:25HA11Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesSan FranciscoTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:25B65811JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysSan FranciscoTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:27UA1158United-Airlines United AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:27SQ1648Singapore-Airlines Singapore AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:27NZ9552Air-New-Zealand Air New ZealandLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:27AC3486Air-Canada Air CanadaLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:27AV2013Avianca AviancaLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:27CA7260Air-China Air ChinaLos AngelesTerminal 2Scheduled - On Time
11:35KE7882Korean-Air Korean AirPortlandTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time
11:35HA25Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesPortlandTerminal 1Scheduled - On Time

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